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Full Version: [theme] In Your Face Blue
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Is that so? Wierd that it works here then. Shy
PR2 revision 686. Ooh well.

CraKteR Wrote:There is a problem with the templates themselves as the bottom has NO "class" assigned to it................. yet!

It has been changed I believe for the the next release of MyBB, along with removing "Top" from the logo line. And a "LOT" of other things.


It needs a lot more work than just changing the background, header colour and adding a "Logo" before it becomes a new theme. Wink

But you're learning, and that's good. Smile
yea this is the first theme i've worked that is available for download so its kinda hard for me....

in PR2 there is a section were you can modify that bottom border btw...
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