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Full Version: Discuss: Welcome to new team members
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Congrats to everyone.
Thanks to Chris and the rest of you guys for choosing me!

Congratulations to everyone too! Big Grin
Congrats everyone.

That is actually a good amount of staff being added.

Well nothing has really changed for Matt_ Toungue.

Good luck with your positions and I hope a better MyBB comes from them.Big Grin
Congrats everyone. Will try my best to do my job. Smile
Congrats to everyone else, and thanks for accepting me Smile I hope to do a better job and start being MORE active here.
Congrats Matt_!!!!!!
(2008-12-15, 04:56 AM)Giangy94 Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats Matt_!!!!!!
What about t0m? Toungue
Neeeeeeeeeee.....t0m!!!!My best friend:p
Congrats Matt__ and t0m only:p:d
Smile gracias. I feel special now lol Toungue
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