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Full Version: Who are the people behind MyBB
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Hi n00b here....very very new Wink
just curious...who are the people behind MyBB ? Does it have a "history" ?
Is it like 3 under-20 geeks in parents basement ? Toungue
Big Grin Welcome matelot. We hope you enjoy MyBB. Yes, as with anything, MyBB has a history. But to make things easier, I'll sum up. Chris used to make DevBB and XMB, but left to make his own software, MyBB. The developers were originally Chris, Wj, Dine, Javaman, and Kasper. But when the last 4 left the project, Chris was developing it on his own, until MusicalMidget started helping, and within recent months, DennisTT and myself have also gotten the opertunity to code it. That's basically it Big Grin
I see k776 has simply ignored the '3 under-20 geeks' comment Toungue
I was in a rush Toungue And I think its more 4 under-20 geeks in their bedrooms Wink (I think MM's under 20 Confused)
I don't code MyBB, but I like to think I had a hand in it, concidering its still using the colors and gradients I came up with for the default theme a few releases ago. I'm over 20 (25 to be exact), and I'm in my bedroom. Toungue
Weclome to MyBB matelot.

no wonder why this software is so good, Chris already had experience in making a board.
Well, the develepors did a fantastic job in creating this software and like I said before, I hope future versions keep on getting better and better.

Thank You
Well it can only get better and better or worse and worse. 50% chance Toungue.

But we do intend to make it better Wink
By the way, please keep it a FREE license!
Yes. Chris has said that MyBB will always be free.
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