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Full Version: I need CS mod to mybb 1.4.4
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Someone can give me CS mode for mybb 1.4.4 plz
CS mode? Can you explain that?
when all the forums on the main page not one under another
they in groups that one next to another
Would you be able to show us a printscreen or give us a link to somewhere that has it to let us see it...??
Do you mean tabbed categories?
something 1
something 2
something 3
something 4
May just be me but that doesn't really help.

I'll ask again, do you have a link to a site that has what you want, so we can see it in action??
Currently you will need to redo the entire template structure of mybb's index page and maybe even then you can't do it. My opinion is that this won't be accomplished for you.
Yeah... the only way I can think of, is manually coding your index template, like labrocca said. You'd have to manually add the new categories and forums to it when you create them, but this would be an immense amount of work and would need constant maintenance. If my logic is correct the forum bit templates would be of no use anymore, so you would lose last post into, thread and post count info, and other stuff like that. It would literally be static content, nothing would automatically update unless you did serious work to a lot of other things.
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