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Full Version: [Release] Awaiting Activation Message v1.2
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(2009-01-25, 08:09 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]should be a default feature
Really nice plugin, I will use it Smile
Good Plugin
Needed to me
Ok guys, I've updated it to 1.1. I looked at it and realised it's stupid having a global on/off settings and one for each type of message - you can only have one type of message showing at any one time so the global on/off would be enough. So, I've now removed the 2 settings to turn each message on or off, so to upgrade you'll have to deactivate, upload new file, and activate (to remove old settings and make sure it's all set up properly), so this will mean that you'll lose any changes to the message that you've made, unless you save them somewhere else first.
Good plugin MattR,

I have converted it into English from Turkish.
This is Turkish Awaiting Activation Message v1.1.
Aktivasyon Bekleyen Üyelere Duyuru Mesajı

Yours, Themem..
Installed this and then wasn't able to login to forum any longer. May or may not be related to the plugin, but I am still having the problem. All cookie settings/etc. are correct, and my cookies are cleared. I had another user try logging in as well and she was having the same problem. Not sure what to do. Will post in different thread for support I guess.
Well I've had this on my forum ever since I released it and have logged in and out fine Confused Doesn't do anything with logins or cookies anyway, just adds a message based on usergroup. I just logged in and out 5 times on my forum with it activated.
Yes, must have been pure coincidence. Now that things are cleared up I tried installing again and it works fine.

Sorry for the false alarm.
Nice plugin, I edited it to have it show for guests, so its not for awaiting activation, and it still good!
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