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Full Version: [Release] Awaiting Activation Message v1.2
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Just if you wanted to know a plugin like that exists! ^^
just 1 small question, will this MODIFICATION be ok to add to NoteBook Template ?
Should be fine. As long as {$aamessage} is in the header template it should show up fine.
Smile ita added and it works great,

Nice one MattR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wish they all added nicely like this one
Updated to 1.1.1, very minor changes to file, just upload new file, isn't 100% necessary to update it if you can't be bothered to Toungue
ok updated it and all is running well Smile
Great work, Matt, will save me the aggravation of answering the odd email from folks who don't read the email activation instructions then wonder why they can't post.

Definitely a must-have plugin.

Thanks Smile

v1.1.1 -> v1.2 -> Message is now at the the top of all pages, no longer collapsible. Deactivate, reupload ./inc/plugins/aamessage.php, activate.
Great plugin MattRogowski Smile Before this I was using another plugin for announcemets which was not limited to only awaiting activation users,but now this is exactly what I was searching for.
Thanks a lot Smile
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