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Geek Domain Forums is back in business and better than ever! We welcome you to come back and join the community, together we will make it active again!


-More FREE Domains
-Staff Applications are OPEN!
-New Competitions
-Live Chat Room + Live Auctions!!!
-Domain Marketplace
and much much more...

We also have a brand new point system to manage G$, a shop is also online to allow you to buy some cool VIP features!

thanks again.
GeekDomain Team
Looks good Wink

I'll give it a try
Thanks, We are still getting the Rrvival going since the old owner didn't do much, but your going to see many changes.
I don't think I will ever join a forum that requires me to proclaim myself as a geek. Wink
Toungue Why not? Everyone else knows you are
Its ok, I dont want drama queens there.

Can I get some feedback on how it looks?
Looks pretty good. I like it alot
(02-01-2009, 02:42 AM)MCII-Totality Wrote: [ -> ]Looks pretty good. I like it alot

thanks is there any area we could improve on?
well, on the index page there seems to be a bit of white space between the last forum and the whos online.

I'd try to either lengthen the forums or shortening the side boxes, IMO
(02-01-2009, 02:38 AM)MCII-Totality Wrote: [ -> ]Toungue Why not? Everyone else knows you are

dude i own a spinning top website i know i'm a geek but i'd rather not have to come out and say it!
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