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Full Version: help with themes
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can someone help me install a theme, everytime i install one it doesn't come out good, like its missing the css or something, thus i dont get any css file in the theme when i download it, is there away to fix this?
Do you get any chmod errors when you go to Admin CP > Tools & Maintenance?
All of the required files and directories have the proper CHMOD settings.

i dont know whats the prob
Are you uploading the themes .xml file?
i upload the themes with a ftp program, and the .xml file from the acp, and the odd thing is that when i do that, i have to point it to the dir with the images i upload, and i know that should be done auto cuz i uploaded thems before on diff forums
Hm. A link to your forum, please?
i used the merge system to get my post from a phpbb3 forum, i hope thats not the problem
As far as I know, it shouldn't be. But without not converting from phpBB3->MyBB 1.4, I can't say if it is or isn't.
Well is your board URL correct and is the image path for the theme correct?? There's not many things that can cause this sort of thing.
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