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Full Version: [Release] Redzee 1.4x
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Redzee (my first theme) Big Grin

File Details:
Description: A Simple nice looking theme for a genral forum board.
Colour Scheme: Red
Demo: Sorry no LIVE demo.

[Image: screen1.png]

Latest Version:
Version: 1.0
Built for MyBB 1.4.x
Price: $0.00

Other Infomation:
You may change the banner to whatever you like, easy to change.
If you would like to remove the ads simply go to the /header template and put your adsense code in OR remove it.

(sorry its only .rar)
Looks niceSmile
Wow nice
Thanks Big Grin
next time , try attaching it Smile
not work properly on my forum
logo does not appear, I can not change the width
Very nice theme, good release.
Lokki, go to global.css and edit the container width.
done. Wink
Very simple, you should have added some gradient or gloss to the thead. It would look a lot better.
Nice job with the templates anyway.
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