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Full Version: Post content lost
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I merged from SMF 1.1.7 and some post content was lost in some posts.
Same here.
I apologize for any inconvenience that the Merge System has caused you. You should note that the Merge System does not modify any information in your old bulletin board's DB and you should still be able to have normal activity on your old forum.

Unfortunately there is no information that you've provided that can help me fix this issue. Also, the MyBB Merge System is undergoing a partial rewrite to improve the ability to diagnose and fix bugs easier. Once this rewrite is complete, we will resume the normal processes here.

As far as info to provide to you, there really isn't any. I installed the MyBB 1.2.14 version, ran the merge tool, didn't get any errors, and then when it completed a lot of my posts content wasn't there. I also then upgraded to the latest version of MyBB, but it didn't help. I would guesstimate that 3/4 of the original post content is missing.

Would running the merge tool again and just importing the posts work or will that just screw up my database?
You didn't use the SVN merge system on a 1.2.14 forum did you?? This is the 1.4 merge system forum, I wouldn't have thought using the 1.4 merge system on a 1.2.14 forum would work.
No I used the standard merge system, not the SVN one. I just replied here cause the guy was having the same exact issues as me.
I cannot provide any more info either. About 1/8 of posts had missing content, mainly the longer ones. I have a backup from the SMF forum installed on my localhost so i have just been copying content to MyBB.

I posted this in the 1.4 support forum and it was moved here.
Did you use the SVN Merge System or the MyBB 1.2 Merge System?
1.2 Merge System
Is there anything characteristic about the position where the content is cut off (a special character, etc.)?
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