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Full Version: [F] Displaying search results as posts for moderators [R] [C-StefanT]
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MyBB 1.4.5

When moderator searches for users posts he will not see any posts from forums he do not moderate. It's because SELECT statement in search.php in block "Check the thread records as well. If we don't have permissions, remove them from the listing." which removes posts from the list.

For normal users this query removes not-visible posts, but for moderator it removes (not-visible posts OR posts in not moderated forums).

I attach a patch.
Thanks for the solution. Smile
Patch seems fine to me. A MyBB developer can apply the patch and commit it.
Thank you for your bug report.

This bug has been fixed in our internal code repository. Please note that the problem will not be fixed here until these forums are updated.

With regards,
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