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Oops, my apologies for that. Smile
@lufbra: it's ok Toungue

(05-08-2009, 12:24 AM)Josh[y] Wrote: [ -> ]Ya, but its $10/month

It's $10 a year.... not a month o.O
Ya I guess so, I guess I was watching TV while typing again >_<
hi joshy thanks for your comment but some of you making fun well as one of you said that why not use .com bcoz whats the point still people gonna use the same forum .com or or .tk etc still takes you to the same place and this forum not ment for profit everything you see in there is free and even proudly hosted by free hosting and they are gonna support us iswell.
and most of is not free it cost more then .com and if you can find a good domain name for free why not ? i got few domain which is .com and .net and .info if you want theme i will give it to you for free bcoz i aint using theme .
joshy pm me i will give the domains only to you for free

and just look at what your saying thats what we are about to stop this hate you should be telling that i will support you insteasd you talk sh****t and for the ivgeo some 1 said that its copy of that theme yes it is but tottaly deferent way as you can see theres and mine has deference as the sky and earth i asked theme if they can share the theme they said no but they said they will release it some later so i loved the theme and made this theme in my own imagination may look a bit like that but its tottaly deferent you can ask theme and see what they tell you. so if you dont like or anything else please dont make fun of it when are we gonna understand whats good and whats bad some of us will never learn
have a look at here you will see what i mean
Right.. well why not sell your current domains you aren't using to buy one for there? Just a thought.. Smile
Where's the hate stop? Toungue

Anyways, you cannot say it is a theme from your imagination o.O the copy attemp is pretty obvious. You even used their images. Trying to deny it is just ridiculous.

Nobody have anything against subdomains. I think veryone perfectly knows what it it and how it works.
who is gonna buy it? takes time and i dont wanna waiste my me init
its an imagination and some bit copy tell me something your using mybbs right? so mybb is made in imagination of vb and some themes has simmiler images like mine i didnt say the images are not same as there theme
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