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Full Version: Tech-Land's Secret Section
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Pages: 1 2 . Has now opened the Secret Section. The Member who has the highest posts at the end of every month will have access to the Secret Section. Permantly. To gain access to this you must register and have over 50 posts + be the highest poster at the end of the month. Once you are a member you gain access to Downloads, Hacking help, Special gaming help & much more.
Big no no to the theme.
Whats wrong with my theme?
I never register on sites that force me to register to see any content.

Theme looks horrible, get rid of google search, and make banner fit or make gradient larger.
argh another Afresh, I'm really kind of sick of that theme at this point.

Banner definitely needs work.
I know the banner needs work, ive been working on it, and it's the best theme i've had so far.
It's just a very over-used theme.
You got any suggestions for me then? Because it seems like i'm terrible at picking theme's, as every theme i pick people hate it. Toungue
The only themes I personally like is the one used on my site(which is buggy beyond belief! I've spent more time fixing it than anything else) and th one used on WBO (bey brads site)

Afresh is too overused; it's basically becoming the default theme nowadays. I'd suggest a darker theme, like one of these:
(Not to toot my own horn, but this theme is easily customized)

Not the best themes, but better than Afresh. You need more content, too.
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