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Currently people are placing mycode in plugin releases. Realistically mycodes are just part of mybb and unless it uses the plugin system they are just mycodes.

So I propose a subforum for mycodes where the regex and replacement instructions can be given. If something doesn't use the plugin system imho it's not a plugin release.
They seem to fit better into Tutorials, more than anything. But nevertheless, that would be better than the current setup.
I Agree that "Plugin releases" is not the place to post them Smile

I think "Users submited tutorial" is the right place too... but a separated subforum would be awesome, as there are some threads with this feature by now and will be usefull to get more and more of them
Yes, I agree with this.
Ditto with the above
Yeah they should go in tutorials really but a forum for them doesn't sound like a bad idea.
Yes maybe more as tutorials but certainly they are not Plugin releases.
(2009-06-04, 09:55 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]Yes maybe more as tutorials but certainly they are not Plugin releases.

I agree.
I will go to subforums idea rather to post them in Tutorials forum...

Basically some member's forum (including my forum) is typically comprises a large amount of MyCodes that are Indeed a large source of MyBB Codes any where across the net...

So that those members (including me) can post the released MyCodes to that forum, and ask them to go to my site and download them...

Tutorials forum , is basically for only tutorials, as mycodes are a small form of Plugins, so they should go to MyCode Subforums, rather to go to Tutorials forum
MyCodes are not small plugins at all... they don't even use PHP (at least normal ones). It's just about some HTML and a variable that is parsed by MyBB, so you can't call them plugins o.O

I think that adding a MyCode sub-forum wouldn't make sense, when someone posts a MyCode, they just post instructions to get the MyCode working... which can be called a tutorial.
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