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Full Version: Need some reviews of my hosting site.
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For security, financial, legal, and liability reasons we only allow US, Canadian, and UK clients. Big Grin
I like it KuJoe Wink btw, I'm still hosted there... don't delete me xD
We haven't deleted any accounts except for TOS violations. Wink
I've been worrying that you guys might start thinking that I never used it so you would delete it xD

* Elegant Totality says his head hurts

* Elegant Totality will PM KuJoe now
Nah, I was tempted to start deleting inactive accounts but there's no need for it at the moment. Wink

And to get sorta back on topic about why we host certain countries, I just wrote up a short explaination here to give you and idea of why I cannot afford such liabilities.
I'm unsure on what way this portal is different from the default one... maybe the other sidebar?

The design is not bad... but the adsense on the panel looks terrible Confused (I know is only for guests, but anyways). Also, the shoutbox seems to have a problem with the backgrounds.
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