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Full Version: Zero Vision (With Custom Skin)
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Hello, Just wanted to show off my computer which I just relaunched. I'm using a copy of mybb and love the way everything works. I'm currently in the middle of finishing up my skin, but I got most of the things arranged nicely. Smile Take a look and register! We're gonna give away free stuff sone!

btw, I just found out about mybb earlier today and as soon as i research it (a couple hours later) I converted my forum from phpbb. So everything you see was created pretty fast. Leave time for plenty of changes before you judge.
i suggest releasing that great theme! (please!) there are not enough people releasing the good themes, great theme Toungue and nice forums good job! well done for converting.
Thanks. I may release it if the forums become popular. So be sure to tell your friends about us!
That has to be one of the nicest MyBB themes i have ever seen.

Great work.
Wow, that's really awesome. Very nice work on the skin, man. I hope you release it, lol. Just add a copyright/link back to your forum at the bottom of the skin and more people will go to your forum as more people use the skin.
Very nice skin indeed. I like the inset borders and your buttons look great, as well. Well done!
Thanks. I still have to work out some problems with mybb though. For some reason it won't update the private message count at the top of the page. If I have a new message and read it... it still displays 1 new, 0 old. Also, it doesn't look like the post counts are increasing after each post. Any ideas?
It's supposed to say 1 new -- that number is the number of PMs that you have gotten since you have last logged in, and it will reset when your session expires (you leave/logout and come back)
Yeah, I figured out how things worked thanks!
Looks great. Smile
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