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Name: Advertisement suite
Description: The advertisement suite plugin provides you various settings for displaying advertisement. You can display ads at 5 different places at your board: In profile, on index, at the beginning of a thread (showthread), in the footer or between posts.
You can set which groups shall not see the advertisement for each place.
You can hide the showthread and between post advertisement on certain forums (by ID).
New (Upgrade to 1.1): Banner rotation function - enter multiple ad codes and seperate them with a | to display them randomly!
Version: 1.1
Compatibility: 1.4.x
Adds files: [yes]
Changes files: [no]
Adds templates: [no]
Changes templates: [yes]
Adds to database: [no]
Changes database: [no]

[attachment=14442] Ads displayed every 3 posts (Watch out for "Advertiser")
[attachment=14443] Advertisement in footer - can also be used as a copyright line or whatever
[attachment=14444] Ads on index - At I do use it as a message for guests Wink
[attachment=14445] Advertisement in profile
[not uploaded - 5 attachments max] Advertisement on showthread

[attachment=14534] The settings - complete list. I know - a little bit long Wink

Please note that I marked the ads with a red border- this is just for the screenshots, not in the real plugin!

Download for subscribers:
Another Great release

Thankyou Lennart
EDIT: There was a moment of discussion about the code. He allowed me to view. Good code and it's not related to my own plugin. So congrats on release.
(2009-06-24, 07:33 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]Why are all your settings and functions the exact same as my "My Ad Manager". I want to see the code to verify you have not actually stolen my own work.

This is some serious accusation. Forgive my ignorance, but how can he steal your plugin when you have it closed for public download?
(2009-06-24, 07:33 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]Why are all your settings and functions the exact same as my "My Ad Manager". I want to see the code to verify you have not actually stolen my own work.

i was also going to ask same bcoz sometimes ago i saw the plugin with same system. Big Grin
(2009-06-24, 08:02 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]He is a subscriber at my forums.

If he wants maybe he can send Matt the code to view. I will accept an independent review of the code.

All the settings are exact to mine only reworded. I need to look at the actual functions though to see if they are copies.

Ah, that is a different story. I hope that he hasn''t stolen your code but has come up with his own.
labrocca - I did not steal your plugin, I replied to your PM immediately after I got it.
No idea why you are posting here now but anyway - you recieved my code and you can now check your plugin.

The settings are similar cause plugin has same function - but these settings aren't new- I used similar settings for my other plugins like the Premium attachment plugin (group settings are essential, necessary for almost every plugin I think) and the Hide suite.

Everything is basic Php and I think I prooved that I can work with Php with all my projects.

I hope you'll look into the code right now and I'll gladly accept your official excusion here.

Lennart Sauter
Lennart's plugin is good clean code and it's 100% his. Sorry for the accusation but I try to be careful and someone else alerted me of the similarities.

Thank you.
Allright then, thank you for reviewing my code Smile
I'd never steal from anybody but it's sadly true - copyright counts less in the internet and you should carefully check possible violations.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
Ads in the profile are a nice option, thanks for the new plugin. Smile
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