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Full Version: Sticky threads have no CSS distinction
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As per subject. A user asked me how to change the css for stickies...I looked and to my surprise they are not differentiated from regular threads at all.

It would require core file changes or a plugin to actually correct this.

Hopefully the suggestion will be considered.

A fix would probably require a new template based on forumdisplay_thread and a new theme css definition.
All i ever ask is that the seperator ( the space that sperates Stickies from Announcements and Normal Topics ) remains intact.

Outside of that this is a nice suggestion.
i hope this can be done
Yes please! Would love to be able to highlight.
I think a yellow tinge to them or something would make them stand out better, yes.
I honestly think the separator is enough, but it's just my opinion.
I can see it's use, but I don't think it would look good with the separator there as well.
Exactly. That's my point.
Well, plenty of people don't see sticky threads, if they were a different colour, it might help.
Yes I agree, I'm just saying it would most likely look weird if the separator was still there.
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