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Full Version: Which site should I focus on and which should I drop?
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I've got 3 projects I started but put off to focus on business ventures. I finally have some free time to allocate to one of these projects but I'm not sure which one so I'm looking for some guidance. Here's a breakdown of the projects: - A forum for all things zombie related. This once had a good start and is probably the easiest to bring back to life... no pun intended. Big Grin - A forum to connect those of us who work the 3rd shift. I created this forum because I could not find a decent forum devoted to those of us who work the night shift and frankly, it gets really boring sometimes working the night shift so finding a community who can relate would be interesting in my mind. - I created this site as both a community for pit bull owners in Florida and to provide pit bull awareness to non-owners. Thanks to the media pit bulls have a really bad reputation which is completely undeserved so my wife and I wanted to do something to help those who cannot help themselves. I think that is your beat community, the niche would draw more popular attention IMO
Nightshifters is the only half decent one

the other two are terible and not going to work IN MY OPINION
Care to provide some details of why you feel that way? Based on your previous threads I've seen, your sense of value is lacking so unfortunately I cannot take your word for it but some details would be helpful.
I like but NightShifters probably has more potential due to it's more broad nature. Though it needs a much nicer theme than it has now, I really like the PitBullFL theme though!
NightShifters is good imo, it's pretty unique and i'm sure it will grow
Heh, Nightshifter's is the only forum I didn't spend money on. I guess it's time to allocate some funds for a new theme. Big Grin
This should be a no brainer. Pitbullfl has one of the nicest themes I've seen. Just need to market it all little more.
I always thought Zorums was a great forum name wasted on a bad idea. IMHO that's a winner brand and you should redo it entirely into a general interest forum. Maybe find a more suitable niche that might attract a wider audience.

Pitbullfl has the nicest can probably convert it for Zorums but that's entirely up to you.

Good luck on whatever you decide. I just want you to know from my experience a forum name is everything. If you ever want to sell let me know. I would be happy to add it to my collection of forum domains.
So do you mean instead of having the name mean something (like Zombie Forums) I should turn it into a Web 2.0 type domain where it doesn't really have a meaning but let the site describe itself?
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