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Full Version: User Color Legend Mod request
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Umm, how do you fix the legend in?

What do you mean? Just follow the steps to add it?
Uh, I don't follow what you're asking, Crakter?  It's quite an easy mod.  

Quote:how do you fix the legend in?
Should there be anymore to that question?  Smile
I was asking Crackpot. I was the one who made the mod so. (Well mostly).
If your unsure on how todo this or doesn't wanna edit any files you may use this plug-in.
How do I activate the plugin?

Admin CP -> Plugin manager -> Usergroup legends -> activate
You need to upload it to your host first into inc/plugins folder.
Oops, Sorry, Crakter. I thought both of those posts were yours and didn't notice Crackpot...such similar names! LOL
Umm... It just says, "Hello World!" just that, I put it into plugins in inc, but it dosen't show up.
Are you sure you uploaded it to the right folder?
MyBB folder/inc/plugins ?
Forum -> Inc -> Plugins

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