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Ok, one good reason is all I need:
It belongs to Apple.
Ah I see copyright stuff, well give the location that says I can't use any of apples logo? Yes its the app store logo its just a logo that's like me getting mad at you for using the apple logo i mean for real.
Who said I was mad?
And here.
At least add something to your footer that says it belongs to them.
(2009-10-21, 11:37 PM)windowsmediaman Wrote: [ -> ]Well my name imho is great! I like it its basic! Thanks for you suggestions though Wink in the end the name comes down to what the owner likes.

Very true. Then i would like to suggest a TLD, or even a for now if you are unsure.
@Joshee Alright then I will add something to my footer in a minute.
Done I added to footer.
@T0m I will get a domain soon, when I get extra cash but for now I am needing money to pay for hosting. I believe i will get a .net or network.
Update I just added the ficons how do you think they look? Come one guys register for me please we need more members.
Get a better logo font and thread bar Wink, otherwise nice!
The logo font is great lol can't get much better then that. Now for the thread bar i will get to work on that.
Update just got a domain and changed the forum status images.
New Domain: still can be access at the but its just a redirect.
So no problems with members saying stuff about copyright.
So please register and tell me what you guys think?
(2009-10-25, 08:29 PM)windowsmediaman Wrote: [ -> ]New Domain: still can be access at the but its just a redirect.

Thats exactly the same thing I just did... I got a .net domain and made my domain redirect to it...
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