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I believe that the Showcase forum is getting overcrowded from people who think they can upload the software, then try and get members.

I think that a sub-forum called Featured should be created. If members like certain websites staff members could add them to the Featured forum. This not only unclutters the good forums from the bad ones, but also gets MyBB more notice.
Wrong section, but good idea. Somewhat.
What section should this have been posted in? I may have overlooked it accidentally. section.
Ah yes. If a moderator would kindly move this thread?

This would probably result in another one of those "favouritism" arguments. Everyone here is seen as equals, and as such, their threads should be treated that way.
That is true, it would happen. Maybe if we added a notice, please make sure your site has some content, and is finished before releasing. As a standerd, not a rule.
Agreed since the showcase forum is getting to overcrowded.

Maybe post a sticky with some rules when posting a forum in the showcase, for example:

Must have at least 100 posts
Must have a theme besides MyBB Default

Of course that will be a pain for the staff having to close and check even more threads than now so I am not sure if their is any good solution.
100 posts idea i'm not a fan of but the theme besides the basic default I do.
Personally I don't have a problem with closing threads but it just makes it easier if someone reports the thread if it does have something wrong with it (not mybb etc.)
I've seen some communities with a quite good amount of members and posts that uses the default theme. Also, 100 posts is quite a lot for a starting community IMO.

Though, we should surely have some sort of filter on the showcase. But not a subforum, maybe before posting, it gets to some sort fo validation process?
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