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Full Version: Seperate Requests & Development for theming section?
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I know this is a little one, but it would look good to have the plugin and theming section the same. Imho at least.
I also agree
Agree too here.
Lovin' it, I make alot of themes for MyBB so this would be cool!
Glad to see some support, can we have some staff input?
I agree. I never understood why the plugins section has a Requests forum and a Development forum, and the themes section has just a Requests & Development forum.
Sounds good to me.
Seventeen pages of Requests and Development hardly warrants the need to be split into two forums, as opposed to 145 to 26 pages!
I don't think its really needed, but the fact that we have two sections with identical forums, but one that is different doesn't make sense to me.
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