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I want to use fbconnect in myBB forum for my website. Did anyone try this.
Is this possible. My website is
Pls help...

It will be done with MyNetwork i think.
what is Mynetwork...
Is there any plugin available..??
Not yet.
That would be genius.... I'll keep my eye on this
Loads of people are waiting for this. Facebook Connect intergration would definitely improve my forum.
Facebook connect would greatly increase new memberhsips and user participation. Mainly because it would be easier to set up their accounts, using pre-filled info from their FB account. What would be even greater would be to include a tool that allowed them to mirror their post on their FB page with a simple click of the checkbox.
From the Facebook developer's website:

Quote:Using Facebook Connect to authenticate your users has many significant benefits.

Our research has shown that sites that implement Facebook Connect see user registration rates increase by 30 - 200%.

With just two clicks you can offer a user-customized experience on your site – the user connects to your site, then you can immediately display that user's data on your site, personalizing his or her experience quickly and easily.
When a user has authorized your application, you can make API calls to Facebook to get more user data so you can provide a more personalized experience.
You can prompt a user for extended permissions for an even deeper integration with Facebook.
It's happening here:- Screeze :s
(2010-02-24, 12:00 AM)AJS Wrote: [ -> ]It's happening here:- Screeze :s

Do you mind telling us how that was achieved? Was it a plugin or something else?
Wow, you're right.

I'm looking into it Big Grin
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