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Full Version: [Suggestion]Adding Theme(s)
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(2010-02-21, 06:19 PM)MattRogowski Wrote: [ -> ]
(2010-02-21, 06:13 PM)Zomaian Wrote: [ -> ]Getting a bit angry Matt Toungue?

Not intentionally.
Of course, just kidding around I just read the whole thread and gosh that guy is getting on my nerves to be honest.
@FMB I noticed that too. But, well that has nothing to do with MyBB really Toungue.

I think she's trying to talk about 2 things at once it's causing confusion.

#1 She doesn't like default theme or the theme on this site.
#2 She wants more "professional" themes available in themes section of the site.
If your not happy with the theme that are available make your own. If you mean this site, do what Zomaian said, and edit the CSS Via Firebug. One thing MyBB has taught me, you either are gonna have to learn to do stuff on your own, or get someone to do it for you. In this case, i don't see many willing to do the latter, so i recomend you start reading.
(2010-02-21, 02:34 PM)Suse Wrote: [ -> ]I am talking about themes available here on THIS site not what is packaged with the download. As for why you should offer a selection to your users here, well how about the fact that as far as usability and readability goes your community should be considered your *customer* so to speak, why would you not want to make their visits here as pleasant as possible by allowing them to customize their UI?

Don't need to fix what isn't broken - we all realize this isn't the best design in the world but it works well for the given purpose and set of circumstances.

Quote:Well that is a matter of opinion and I have to say I doubt your ability to be objective on the subject. Wink

Just as you've stated, a matter of opinion. What right do you have to come here and tell us it's a poor theme and then think we're not open to constructive criticism?

Quote:The bottom line is this, your theme is not very human friendly when it comes to usability and I am speaking as a professional in the field. I am not a *he*, I am a middle aged female software commercialization manager for a Fortune 500 company in NY. I would suggest you get an independent audit of your UI with respect to usability and accessibility and I think you will find it enlightening. That is of course if you accept that fact that your application actually has room for improvement, I am getting the feeling from the responses here that might not be the case. Pity.

Either you don't understand that this project is run, developed and managed by volunteers, or you don't get that MyBB doesn't want to spend the majority of it's time making things look pretty. This theme is from 2006, so I'm not sure what you're getting at. You're being far too critical. The average individual looking for support here doesn't need some fluffed up thousand-dollar design to get what they need. From my time being here, you're the only one having issues with this theme.
(2010-02-21, 02:34 PM)Suse Wrote: [ -> ]I would suggest you get an independent audit of your UI with respect to usability and accessibility

Something tells me you don't have a clue about usability or accessibility. You have provided no specific examples of what is actually in violation of usability and accessibility principals apart from the fact that it is a centered fixed width design and the fonts. Last time I checked though centered fixed width designs with a top horizontal navigation bar were just about the most user friendly design possible because the proportions are consistent across all browsers and the navigation bar is just about the first thing you come to on the page. In terms of accessibility, all the appropriate images have well written alt tags and the website reads quite well in text based browsers indicating that it would work well with screen readers. Also you may want to take a look and see that this is a CSS based design, tables are only used for presenting data arranged in a tabular format. In regards to the variation in font size, its used to create a formatting hierarchy so users can easily differentiate important information from less important information and is a key part of usability.
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