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Full Version: Get a free domain name and freehosting here !!
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Pages: 1 2 3 4 provides you with a complete and reliable freehosting solution. we provide you with a free "" just replace yourname with anything and we also provide you with freehosting:-

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Your site design is good, but the colours don't mix that well imho. Forum looks default, try adding a skin. (couldn't tell, was closed when visited)
Thanks i will try changing it acctually i just finished today now i will rechange all major things. Smile
I like Web Designer I have some suggestions:

1.It looks like scam.
2.You need better buttons (Singup, Hosting etc). Buttons with JavaScript.
3.Write your domain name and hit enter !! Make some better box for it. It looks sad.
4.Your Testimonials box looks like some child maked it.
5. We provide free hosting for completely freeofcharge and we also don't place any banner or anykind of advertisement on your sites. Our main motto is to build a huge community and to get more people online"
I can't read in your site what did you writted here.

I didnt mean nothing bad i just sayed what is good for you.
The last time I corrected someone's spelling on this forum, I got a rather nasty PM from the correctee, but honestly - your site is filled with broken English, nobody is going to trust you.

Here's what I'd do.

1) Lose the Comic Sans. All of it. Now.
2) Don't use more than one exclamation point, and don't put a space before it ("phrase !!" should be "phrase!"), among many, many other grammar errors.
3) Lose the girl cheering at her laptop. It's last year's marketing technique, and it's not "Web 2.0" at all.
4) The copyscape badge at the bottom - you're trying too hard. You have a hosting site, not a blog.
5) The url "myfreedomain" sounds scammy. Change it to "freedomain" at least.
6) Fix all this:

A good start. Can't have enough free web hosts Smile
>10,0024 GB bandwidth

Commas in the wrong place, should be 100,024 GB. Also on your site is says 10,000MB not over 100,000 GB.
Testing your "AWESOME" webhosting
i am right now installing my software.
I hope it works
but most probably is that will not work
just like all free hosts =/
He's reselling from a company called "". I instantly recognised it when I saw that damn fake SSL domain post-signup.

I was with these people briefly back when I was planning a free host to run alongside TankBB (you can never have enough tank!). Complete rip-off, everything just feels so cheap.

That's what you get for unlimited-everything, $8 per year reseller hosting, though I never did get my money back.

* subdivisions hugs cluster of Fivebean VPSes

Sorry, this wasn't meant to be a paragraph.
Well, this is the only free host that allowed my imageboard system to work
so i am really happy with it

Great work!
I think I have just found the most horrid website ever to be designed that is not done on purpose!

Anyway some suggestions:

1) Get rid of all the crazy fonts, stay with one good font. I would recommend Arial.
2) Destroy the Share this and Copyscape now!
3) The logo and the girl with the laptop wants to make me commit suicide.
4) The navigation red to green hover causes my eyes to hurt. Not long until they will bleed.
5) The our sponsor box is the most horrid thing of all, light blue with red Confused.
6) Please please please stop using those cheezy 90's fonts!!!
7) Get rid of that girl on the forum page Sad.
8) The orange on the light black isn't the best match.
9) Get better quality pictures.
10) The domain search box looks horrid.

Please fix those and I will give you more feedback.
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