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Full Version: [Release] Dark Sight
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Hello and welcome! Here is a new skin i have made for YOU! Dark Sight is a 2 color series that is FREE! It comes in BLUE and RED

[Image: 125ki6t.jpg] [Image: m75euu.png]
Download Now :

Sorry i couldnt upload it to the mybb mod site files are over 500KB. Because its provides a Logo PSD and Background thats 1mb.
Nice, but seems a bit cluttered for me.
Alright thanks Big Grin
I do like Smile
(2010-04-05, 06:48 PM)Prentice Wrote: [ -> ]I do like Smile

Thanks!Big Grin
I like it. The red one looks a little too pink though.
nice work.. Smile clean theme..
Thanks Smile
I like it, but here's what I think:

The background is very dark, and the shade of blue you chose is too bright for it. Maybe a bit darker would work better (maybe a darker shade of blue from the background).

The red is nice, but the background is too bright -- maybe too orange-ish. Maybe a darker/more red background would be more suitable.

Those are just my $0.02. Everything else looks nice.
Pretty cool Smile
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