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Full Version: Images/Graphics In Signatures
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Can something be done about the size of images/graphics in Members' signatures? I'm sure that they're all withing the "specs" asked/required here, but when folks have more than one image/graphic, they soon add up on thee space being used, especially if text is also added to the signature!

I'm all for having signatures etc, but when they're taking up half of ones monitor screen it gets a bit ridiculous!

A suggestion would be to just allow one image/graphic per signature, just so long as they are within the required specs. Smile
Current rule:

Quote:A maximum of two images with total maximum dimensions of 500 x 100 are allowed.

So it shouldn't come to more than 100 pixels high whether there's one or two images. However I know this rule isn't often enforced; it should be enforced more but we'd be open to suggestions from other people on if the rule should be changed. One image doesn't seem unreasonable.
Big signatures annoy me as well, I have cut a few recently (which I think were reported by you lufbra) but it takes a lot of time to cut it then send a PM explaining why, then they send a PM saying sorry and they will fix it tomorrow, then you send a PM saying thanks, etc, etc.

I have three possible solutions:

1. We just adopt a policy of simply cutting oversized signatures and replacing them with <signature too big> and we try and get as many people as possible in one go with this and hopefully it will be remembered for long enough to mostly stop this problem.

2. We edit the usercp_editsig template and put a warning bar reminding people of the rules when they are editing their signature.

3. We put a div around the signature in the post template then limit that div to 150px in height with overflow hidden, this way all over sized signatures will be cut off.
Agreed, I think some people do have over sized signatures.

It seems to be common with people newer to making them as most sig tuts I've seen have them pretty small.
Thanks for your replies to this post thread Matt and Tim. Smile

I'm not sure how you can eventually work out this problem, but I do feel it has to be addressed!

Thanks for your reply too Alex, hopefully something can be sorted out. Smile
I think options 2 & 3 combined would be the best, Tim. Have a simple warning that if the signature exceeds x amount of pixels it'll just be cut off.

Realistically I don't think you should have to waste your time worrying about signatures when a few edits can take care of it.
Idea 1 Smile
+1 for this idea
I'm sorry Nayar but actually your signature image is 1px to tall Toungue I think we could overlook that though Big Grin
(2010-05-09, 10:51 AM)TimB. Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sorry Nayar but actually your signature image is 1px to tall Toungue I think we could overlook that though Big Grin

lol. i didn't notice it before :p
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