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Full Version: 1,4 to 1.6 upgrade
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need a little help here guys.
i have been running 1.4 on my local network for months without a problem, when i try and upgrade it to 1.6 everything is gone just a clean installed board remains.

i am doing everything by the book, run the upgrade installer e.t.c
three times i have tryed this and three times i am left with nothing more then a clean board, no forums , no treads, post or members remain.

is there a problem with trying to upgrade from 1.4.13 to this beta ?
Everyone was told not to upload this on there live forum as its a "BETA" version. Ive upgraded a test forum from 1.4.13 to (1.6 Beta) without any problems.
It sounds like you've just run the installer, not upgrade.php.
nope its not a live board its my test board
my live board on my host is safe, this is my test bed for doing changes i want before applying alive

i ran install/upgrade.php

it even tells me that its going to upgrade from one version to another, just don't seem to do it.

not sure if its anything to do with the wampserver i am running but it is the most up to date version you can get.
Well, you're the first person to say upgrading has erased everything, and a lot of people have upgraded forums. Running the upgrade script doesn't call all the stuff to install... I just upgraded from 1.4 to 1.6, on WAMP, and it was fine.
Correct. Upgrading preserves all data. Clearly, you have NOT upgraded, but rather deleted your database or reinstalled for no reason.
sorry but if i am looking at the upgrade screen and the upgrader runs from start to finish how can you say i have not upgraded that does not make sense at all.

going to try this on a spare host i have, in case its my wamp thats up the wall.
Printscreen the steps you're taking or something. The fact that nobody else has had this happen indicates you're doing something differently. The upgrade process hasn't changed at all, there's just another step that's much bigger than usual upgrades as it's all the new 1.6 stuff, but the process hasn't changed. Each upgrade process has it's own ./install/resources/upgrade*.php file, where * is a number, the 1.4 > 1.6 one is upgrade17.php, exactly the same as upgrade1-16.php, this one just has all the 1.6 stuff.
You probably installed with default mybb_ You should have renamed it to mybb_1 You over wrote 1.4
No because that would involve having a totally separate list of all empty tables with another prefix, but the upgrader doesn't create those tables. The whole point of an upgrade is that everything stays, you don't need to change a prefix or do anything like that.
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