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Full Version: MyBB Mod URL is biased
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The URL for the Mods is right? But when you click the link "Mods & Plugins" it becomes I believe the subdomain is favors plugins and mods but not themes Sad.

Mods & Plugins:

Instead of we should call it or What is your thought on this? I know it's a small little silly thing but still.
Yeah I think would be best. ;D
I vote for
let's just call it stuff

that make everyone happy?

seriously, I don't think it's a problem... themes are mods too, they modify the looks
>implying themes cannot be classified as modifications to the default software...
(2010-06-04, 07:56 PM)faviouz Wrote: [ -> ]I vote for

I actually like this idea.
Extend sounds better, i've never really like "mods".
Kind've too WordPress-y to me. I guess it doesn't really matter. Toungue
Keep it the same. Why do names matter? As long as it serves it purpose, Im happy!
They have to change the URL to anyway, might as well change the subdomain if that's what people want.
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