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Full Version: [MyCode] Progress Bar
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Quick and effective, i use this on my site for dev work.


<div>$2<div style="background:url(images/progress/prog_grey.png) repeat-x; background-color: #cccccc; border: 1px solid black; width:50%; margin-top: 2px;"><div style="background:url(images/progress/prog_green.png) repeat-x;background-color: #008040; color: white; font-weight:bold; max-width:100%;  width:$1%; height:18px;">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;$1%</div></div></div>

[progress=25]Current Progress[/progress]

- 25 Represents the %

Screen shot:

Be sure to upload the folder progress to your images folder..
That sir, is very cool. Thanks. Big Grin
Thanks nice work.

Turkish Information: [Image: Turkey.GIF]
[Image: ilerleme.png]

More information: (Turkish) [Image: Turkey.GIF]
GooD job , i am create plugin Big Grin
the images dowland for topic XD
Im new to the coding. Were do we put this in the index templates or what?
(2010-07-17, 06:43 PM)BUKET Wrote: [ -> ]Im new to the coding. Were do we put this in the index templates or what?

Go to Admin Control Panel > Configuration > My Code > and input the above values.
This is Fantastic, ¬°THANKS!
I don't see any changes despite adding the MyCode? How to make it work?
Very VERY cool idea. Going to use it on my forums as well!
goes over 100%!
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