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Full Version: The Admin Forums (Theme Makeover - July 10)
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(2010-07-03, 03:49 PM)Jessie S. Wrote: [ -> ]The search bar needs a little magnifying glass icon that you click to see the search resullts. Asking to press enter might be a problem on portable devices such as ipods, cellphones and PSPs.

Actually, all of those have either "Go" or "OK" or something on their keypads (touch screen or not).

I will add a little magnifying glass though for aesthetics.
I think the theme is a bit too bland in general. It has nothing special or attractive to it, TBH. The logo font, and that shadow, don't look exactly "admin" inviting. And the status icons are a bit out of place too, because of the big rounded corners and the gradient that makes the blue look dirty (at least in the off icon).
I've changed the off button to be solid and better looking than the dirty gradient.

I'm trying to create a simple and clean skin, but not too bland. I've added in slight gradients into the trow and other stuff, while keeping the background white. Do you have any ideas to make it more inviting, yet keep it simple?
Hey guys,

I've redone the theme and logo. Please look it over:
Images not displaying properly.....

Where there is user CP option, image there is not displaying properly...

Oh, do you mean where the avatar is supposed to be?

Yes, if you don't have an avatar it will look weird. For new members, I have set a default avatar but for existing ones you will need to set one yourself.
ok. Thanks for clarifying my doubts.

Generic or not, I love the new theme. Reminds me of IPB3.

But you definitely need some gradients in the menus and theads, looks a bit plain.
Hey guys, the contest is over in just a little more than a day!
Nice theme, looks like IPB in a way. I can't sign up however, I'd love to, but time is something I can't afford!

Good luck though Smile
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