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Full Version: The Admin Forums (Theme Makeover - July 10)
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There's nothing particularly bad for me to say. However, since this is such a full and competitive category, I'm curious to hear what sets you apart from other forums.
Nice theme. Activity should be better. As Jessie said the search bar needs a click-able button to see search result. I like it, and will definitely join.
I would like to thank everybody for participating in our Grand Opening contest. With it, we got more than 1000 posts for the forum - a great boost of activity for the beginning.

Congratulations to the winner's of the posting contest:

1st Place - faviouz (734 points)
2nd Place - wethegreenpeople (628 points)
3rd Place - JonP (252 points)

These guys worked tremendously hard to secure their titles, and will be rewarded in the form of hosting, domains, and a skin Big Grin

Once again thanks everybody for entering, and I will be giving out awards to anybody that received at least 50 points during the contest.

Winners please PM me to receive your prizes.
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