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Full Version: MyAnnouncements LITE v1.0 BETA
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Nice. Downloading it now. Big Grin
Is it possible to display a members birthday with this mod in one of the colors? Like place in the php code to grab it, and if it is no ones birthday disable it?
Erm, possibly yeah, maybe we could discuss this over at dev-network if you have a request Smile
hi, because in my forum the bar have the same colours?
i'm resolve, i upgrade the plugin to new version, but need to deactivate and reactivate and solve the problem...thanks anyway
Yes, that is always advised.
How do I change the colour of the text in it?

Edit: I just edited the plug in.
How do I get this to work on 1.6 ?
please make "close button", so that announcements will dissapear after user read and closed them
I installed the pro 1.1 version of this plugin on my 1.6.1 board and it ruins the layout in IE. Looks like the code for inserting the style information is not clean since it is inserted at the very beginning of the site, even above the <head> tag.
I removed the style information from the plugin and added it to my theme global.css and now it works fine.

Any support for this on 1.606?
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