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Full Version: MyAnnouncements LITE v1.0 BETA
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MyAnnouncements allows administrators to enable up to 3 bars at the top of the index. Each of the bars is a different colour and allows the admin to quickly draw attention to important announcements!

An example can be found at Dev-Network!

- You can disable each bar individually.

With The Pro version (available at Dev-Network) you can:
- Change the colors of the each bar using drop-downs in the ACP!

Future Features:
-Ability to choose each bars colour

Download and screenshots!

Support: As with all my mods, support will only be given at The Pro version is also only available at dev-network.
Nice mod Big Grin

Cool mod Smile
Thanks, nice work @ Tommyk

More information (Turkish)

[Image: dyr1.png]

Turkish Language: [Image: Turkey.GIF]
Version: v1.0 Beta
Nice.. My suggestion is add group permission who should read/see that announcement or add color setting on next version. That's all.. Thanks
I'm working on colour settings now, and group settings would be cool Smile
Turkish Information Added ..
Thanks ...
Thanks Smile
MyAnnouncements Pro v1.1 released over at Dev-Network! It's Free!

Persian language:

More Information (Persian):


[Image: 1366336721.jpg]

[Image: 1321099450.jpg]
cool mod Big Grin might try it out
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