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Full Version: 1.6 Gold?
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What is 1.6 Gold?
The proper release of MyBB v1.6.0 Smile
It's the completed version of 1.6, so it's what's after beta's and RC's in other words 1.6.0.
Yes, there is only one version of mybb. It's a term, I believe in America, IDK where else, that expresses when something is finished. So when something goes "gold" it means it is complete.
1.6 will be the final version after it leaves BETA. Then we start the 1.6.X series Toungue
When will MyBB 1.6 be released. Any idea? Very eager to use it.

Read the thread Ryan just made in the general discussions forum.
Yeah just read it. Its great that MyBB 1.6 will be released within a weeks time. Will use it for sure thats why waiting for past 2 weeks to use 1.6 to create my new forum website. Thats why till now have not made it. Very eager to use it.

I heard a rumor for this terminology a while back:

Software projects on CDs are usually pretty big things (what with having ~700MB of final data and all). Back in the early days (when people were migrating from 1.44MB floppies, I guess) when companies finally finished a CD-worthy project they wanted to do something special, so they made the very first copy on a "gold" CD. IDK if it was actually gold or just gold-colored but I would guess it wasn't that boring silvery whatever it is under the plastic.

Remember, this is just a rumor, and even then I took some liberties filling in "details," so don't believe it as absolute truth.

Added: Here's Wikipedia on it. Looks like I was at least partially right there at the very end.
I reckon 2nd Aug , 1.6 Release Big Grin
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