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[Image: 500banner.png]

MyBBWebHost is back and better then ever, this time with a new plan: The Admin Elite Plan.

We've put together a one-size-fits-all plan that is sure to blow away the competition. Reliable and affordable, the Admin Elite plan offers enough resources for almost any sized forum! No longer will you need to worry about overages or extra fees.

All plans are hosted on our top of the line servers, specially optimized to run PHP/MySQL forum software. And with every plan, you get 24/7 support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and the peace of mind that your forum will remain online.

So what's included in the Admin Elite Plan?

Disk Space:
20GB (20,000MB)
Monthly Bandwidth: 200GB (200,000MB)
Unlimited Domains, Sub-Domains, MySQL, and FTP
MyBB Auto Installer (It also installs other scripts like WordPress, Joomla, OSCommerce, etc - including other forum software)

We also have a brand new auto-installer, which allows you to install more than 144 scripts with the click of the button - including MyBB. The difference between us and many Fantastico hosts is that our instant-install scripts are fully updated to the latest version.

For a full list of features, please click here.

Pricing: If you pay for more, it get's cheaper.
Monthly: $7.99/month
Semi-Annually: $6.99/month
Annually: $5.99/month

[Image: order-forum.png] [Image: questions-forum.png]

We also have an affiliate system where for every new client you refer, you will get $5! You can either use this money to buy hosting, or cash out once you reach $20 via PayPal.

Some useful pages: ----------------

Some testimonials:

amykhar Wrote: [ -> ]I can definitely vouch for Zash's [MyBBWebHost's] level of service. He is the reason I converted to MyBB and he has worked his butt off helping me get things moved from the old server, converted, and running.

chad2198 Wrote: [ -> ]I found this post "Think it was December 25th" and I decided to sign up with mybbwebhost. I was with another host but I couldn't get the dns to resolve. Then after I signed up with mybbwebhost the dns resolved in 15 hours and I could see my site.

It was cheap enough that I signed up without the 1 cent first month. The site I'm hosting with mybbwebhost is in my sig. I wish you best of luck with this hosting business. And may you see many many clients.

David Durst Wrote:I was on one of those unlimited hosting plans. Needless to say, the service was horrible! After reading through the MyBB Community Forums, I decided to give MyBBWebHost a shot. I have nothing but praise for how my forums run and the accessibility of contacting someone for help on an issue I had. I would gladly point others to this site for hosting if asked.

(2010-08-22, 06:53 AM)ByteHunter Wrote: [ -> ]I'm also glad to hear that MyBBWebhost celebrates his birthday because I'm one of their first users, I've been using them for nearly a year without any problem.My sites are always online and Leon is willing to help me out with any kind of problem, no matter if is small problem, or a DDoS attack.In fact I never had any problems because of the host and that's why I have decided to host both of my sites with MyBBWebhost.

@Leon: Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to celebrate the next birthday as your client. Smile

(2010-09-10, 08:59 PM)dr730 Wrote: [ -> ]I have to give these guys props for giving the best, most in depth, personal support that I have experienced. I switched my hosting to them and they transferred my forum for free and helped me solve several issues that were my fault basically. Thye gave unrelenting support for over a week until the problem was fixed. I highly recommend them. You won't get any generic pre-scripted lame technical support responses from them. They know what they are doing and and they do it with a personal touch. If you are trying to choose a hosting company you have to at least consider them. Mybbwebhost rocks!

(2011-01-31, 03:04 AM)Scoutie44 Wrote: [ -> ]Just a positive testimonial for MyBBWH;

Been with them for several months now, no downtime, fast, hosting several of my sites without issue. Highly recommended to anyone in the market for a new web host.

(2011-02-28, 09:07 PM)mike537 Wrote: [ -> ]For many months and many hours i got frustrated with our host with max users connection errors.

Problems started when i tried to run a chat with forum of which was used by around 6 members twice a week for 2 hours to do a trivia quiz. At the same time only around 8 members max was on the forum. All we got was constant max users errors.

I tried 4 different chat programs and endless hours configuring these programs to avoid these constant errors, but they still cropped up.

Hostgator had a unrealistic 25 connections at one time and this was the problem. Long story but in the end i we had enough.

Found out about Mybbwebhost who had 200 connections limit and thought "well got nothing to lose" by moving over.

I ran the chat (Ajax) for a few weeks to see how it goes and we had the best chat run ever. I have recently moved the forum over and we also have a decent Gallery and also gift shop. Since me moved we have been error free. Cool

Server is faster, everything runs fantastic and the support is amazing, i cannot recommend Mybbwebhost for hosting enough.

So if you are thinking of changing host give them a try sure you will be well pleased with service, only wished we moved to them many months ago.

Although i moved our forum over myself they also offer a service to move your forum over for free, they are also MyBb forum orientated unlike most host so any help on your forum they will gladly assist.

MyBBWebHost is proud to offer MyBB 1.6 instant installations and free upgrades (not instant) for all clients!

(My post is a little late since I've been away)
MybbWebHost is AMAZING! I've started using them not to long ago, there support is fast, helpful and they even added a plugin or two for me when i couldn't get it working! Thanks Zash for a great host! Smile
I would be very tempted by this if the prices were a little lower
Same, my current web hosting is just under £18p/a (:
(2010-08-28, 11:59 AM)jlong1 Wrote: [ -> ]Same, my current web hosting is just under £18p/a (:
Let me guess, unlimited everything?
(2010-08-28, 09:05 AM)blake Wrote: [ -> ]MybbWebHost is AMAZING! I've started using them not to long ago, there support is fast, helpful and they even added a plugin or two for me when i couldn't get it working! Thanks Zash for a great host! Smile

Thank you very much blake Smile

(2010-08-28, 09:29 AM)adbrad Wrote: [ -> ]I would be very tempted by this if the prices were a little lower

Hey adbrad, while our prices are not the cheapest, they are not that expensive either. When we offer 20GB Disk Space and 200GB Bandwidth, we actually offer it. We aren't going to suspend you when you get halfway because of "resource usage" (unless it truly is compromising the server, which it probably won't).

In addition, we do stuff that many other hosts don't - we will help you install plugins and skins and try to troubleshoot problems with you. Other hosts will usually just say "Sorry, we don't support third party software".

Here's a little chart of popular web hosts and similar packages here to put the price in perspective. I'm going to use the monthly plan cost:

MyBBWebHost: -------------- The Forum Forge: -------------- HostGator:
$7.99/month ---------------- $32.50/month ------------------ $9.95/month

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Smile

(2010-08-28, 12:23 PM)faviouz Wrote: [ -> ]
(2010-08-28, 11:59 AM)jlong1 Wrote: [ -> ]Same, my current web hosting is just under £18p/a (:
Let me guess, unlimited everything?

Nope, nearly though. Only 5GB of disk space, but I don't need that much - I'm hosted with ByteBistro.
By the way, I'd like to say that TODAY is the official 1 year birthday of MyBBWebHost! Thanks to all of my clients that have made this possible. Smile

The discount is still effective until September 4th, get your first month with MyBBWebHost for just 1 cent with coupon code happybirthday.
Well done Big Grin
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