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Full Version: GFX Cafe!
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If you need a dark theme you can use dark sight its not on the mod site cause its to large of a file but i have a thread with it:

And about the site its very nice community, and i agree with Mark M.
(08-01-2010, 04:24 AM)Mark.M Wrote: [ -> ]I'm going to be quite frank.

There are hundreds of GFX forums around. By hundreds i am only stating ones with over 1000 active members. It is very hard to compete with them. Very hard. You need an amazing theme. A very small group takes web 1.0 over web 2.0 designs. Not putting any money in it does not help your cause. To make a site successful you really only need 50 dollars. 10 for a domain, 20 for a years hosting at a decent paid host (For example The Forum Forge) and twenty dollars for a basic custom design. Though for a GFX forum you really should be wanting to buy a much much better design then that.
I got a new theme, IMO its great but i guess i will let you's decided once i put it up.
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