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(2010-08-03, 04:05 PM)AKT Wrote: [ -> ]what about all posts, members database etc i install complete 1.6 install with a different DB name?
i think upgrade to new version and plugin upgrade should be on click upgradation similar to wordpress if plugin installation is look like to wordpress.

it is very complex procedure to upgrade to new version.. as per my opinion

You do not have to complicate things. Simply do the upgrade as described in Wiki.

The upgrade process is very easy with MyBB. And upgrading between 2 series is always done manually with every software.
(2010-08-03, 04:00 PM)Starnova Wrote: [ -> ]Well I reinstalled 1.4.3 from the backup database and files prior to the upgrade because I am going to uninstall all my plugins since only one worked, the google seo after I upgraded. I am going to do the same as leesester..

I recommend upgrading to atleast MyBB 1.4.14. There have been numerous security and bug fixes since. You will retain your plugin compatibility as well.
Having to deactivate plugins does not make the process complex.

Where can I find the "Changed Files" link from 1.4.13 to 1.6.0?

I´m still searching with no luck whatsoever.

I think that you must download full MyBB 1.6.0 package.
Mmm....that... is not an option my friend.

I´ll wait a couple of days...myBB always gives us a zip file with the changed files from version to version. So I´ll wait.

Thanks for the reply.
(2010-08-04, 03:53 AM)Sammyed Wrote: [ -> ]Mmm....that... is not an option my friend.

I´ll wait a couple of days...myBB always gives us a zip file with the changed files from version to version. So I´ll wait.

Thanks for the reply.

That won't happen. This is a major update with most of the files being changed.
What do you mean it's not an option?? Pretty much all files have changed, the full package is the changed files package... Huh With maintenance or security releases there's a changed files package as only a few files change, with this, most if not all have changed.

After downloading the whole thing, I read the upgrade instructions. In there says that I have to upload everything except for the inc/settings.php file.

Sounds easy thing to do, but I would kill the contents of avatars, customized smilies, customized bbcodes, plugins (some of them required file edition like google seo for example), countdown at index will die, the spanish language, etc....I mean, when I was referring on "It´s not an option" I don´t think it will be hard to understand that it might be a pain in the arse for some of us who had been using MyBB for 2 years making modifications and be proud of it showing everyone that with mybb it´s possible. But 2 years takes time and from scratch everything is gone just like that?....Huh

Of course I´m gonna back up my database and my custom themes, but also (not included in the upgrade instructions) the whole current content of the 1.4.14 version.

And after the uploading and upgrading process into the new 1600, I would assume that I will have to upload back again some 1414 folders. Folders that I´m gonna guees which ones must be uploaded like the inc/plugins for example. Am I right?, wrong?.

My board is currently closed waiting for me to take actions with all plugins shut down as well. Honestly, I would prefer if someone with more experience would help and tell me if my assumptions are correct or not before I start doing something that should be on the instructions.

I´m so sorry if I´m kinda expressing my frustration, but please understand...I just want to upgrade...I don´t wanna to kill the whole work done by making sure on what I´m about to do, will not affect the board at all.

Thanks in advance.
The amount of modifications needed for 1.4 > 1.6 are very minimal. It's not like two years work have suddenly been destroyed and you're going to have to start from square one here, I'm not sure where we've said it's that drastic. I don't know why you think you'll loose avatars, smilies, or MyCodes/BBCodes, because you won't. The Spanish language pack will just need some edits. If you've got a countdown on your index it's not going to go anywhere.

No, you won't need to upload any 1.4.14 files/folders. Unless you have a weird FTP client, when you upload the 1.6 files over the 1.4 files, if a file exists in the set of files you're uploading and on the server it'll overwrite it, it'll upload any new files, and will leave anything that's on the server but not in the set of files you're uploading. Your plugin files won't disappear. Most plugins purely need the version compatibility changed from 14* to 16*. Your themes will need minimal changes.

If you're worried about it, perform the upgrade on a localhost or test directory, so you can see exactly what it'll do.
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