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Full Version: Bugs or just me?
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I don't know if these are my fault or bugs. So I'm going to ask here and hopefully someone can answer.

1. Drag-and-drop permissions are glitchy. You have to click twice instead of just letting go, the bars on the right are supposed to be a lighter color (I think), and sometimes the bars get stuck halfway and you have to refresh the page.

Note: These glitches only happen to me on the new forum part. If you go to edit the permissions on a forum it works perfectly.

2. When you look at your templates you're supposed be able to hover over them and they'll all pop out. It's not doing that for me. Undecided

I'm using Firefox by the way.
Could just be a problem with Firefox and Javascript. Try another browser to see if these continue...
Just tired Chrome and same things go wrong.
Try reuploading the javascript files in the jscripts folder and in the admin/jscripts folder.
I knew that wasn't going to work because the file verification didn't show any errors. But I tried it anyway, and as I suspected, it didn't work. Sad
Can you send me details for an admin account to see if I have this problem on your forum too?
I can confirm the first point both on your forum and my test board. I recommend you submit a bug on the dev site for that Smile

The second point I'm looking at bear with me on this one.
(08-06-2010, 02:51 PM)Polarbear541 Wrote: [ -> ]The second point I'm looking at bear with me on this one.

Ha, just noticed.

Lol that joke wasn't intended Toungue

Very strange with the second point actually because that was there in Beta 2 but it doesn't seem to be in 1.6 Gold. I've been looking through the dev site and can't find anything which removes the feature.

I'll get a developer to come and have a look Smile
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