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Full Version: Realize 1.6 [Release]
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Realize is a clean and sophisticated theme, inspired by WordPress.

[Image: p.png]

Realize comes with a duck in the header, and you can easily replace that duck with your own image. You can also place multiple images in the banner folder and have them rotate, just like NDesign.

The banner isn't set to rotate by default, so in the theme editor you'll need to change the background of .middle_panel to
background: rgb(114, 113, 114) url(images/realize/banners/random.php) no-repeat;

HTML Buttons
All Quacktacular themes come with HTML/CSS based buttons instead of images. This makes it easy for you to alter their appearance in seconds.

CSS3 Goodness
This theme looks even better in browsers with CSS3 support (Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc). Box shadows, text shadows, tastefully rounded corners and plenty of other bits of CSS3. BUT its backward compatible, so everyone can enjoy the theme even without a modern browser.

Easy Translation
Realize (and any of the new Quacktacular themes) are great for non-English users. All the text and buttons can be translated by editing a single lang file. No Photoshopping or voodoo necessary!

If you make a translation into your language, please share it on the mods site so others can benefit too.

Why are the buttons empty?!
Realize has an integrated language file and plugin so the buttons and other text can be translated (or customized) with ease. If the button text isn't showing up, confirm that you have uploaded qthemes.php to inc/plugins and activated it. Also confirm that you have uploaded qthemes.lang.php to inc/languages/english and any other language pack you might be using.

All Quacktacular themes are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Install Instructions
In the attached zip you’ll find the theme’s XML file, an image folder, a plugin and a lang file. Install the XML file under the Templates and Style section of your ACP, and place all the other files in the same place they appear in the zip (don’t forget to activate the plugin!).
Approved. Smile I've also added a mod site link in for you.
Awsome work, it looks like a combination of MyBB Pro & Afresh. Either way, awsome job!
i thought aardvark was next Sad
Don't worry it is, hopefully by Wednesday. Realize has been released for weeks but there was a delay in the thread approval (thanks for getting it done polar!)

Very similar to Afresh. I quite like it. Smile
Hi all. I was wondering if you could assist me with a couple of things. Firstly, I understand I can have my banners rotate, but how. What do I need to name my banners? I have tried banner1.jpg banner2.jpg etc as well as 1.jpg, 2.jpeg (as in Also, I would like to remove the grey block in the banner area along with the text link to the forum (but still able to keep the forum name in the breadcrumbs). Is there a way? And if so, can you let me know how.


Its a great theme but I can't get the banners to rotate either - does anyone have an answer?
Beautiful theme! Thanks!

I have a question about header too.

- how to remove the text link and its surrounding grey box, and make the whole rotating banner image clickable?
The banner isn't set to rotate by default, you need to change the background of .middle_panel to (in the the theme editor)
background: rgb(114, 113, 114) url( no-repeat;

I'll make this clear in the first post, thanks!

To get rid of the grey box find h1 in the theme editor and change display: inline-block; to display: none;
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