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Full Version: Phrase Manager
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Can be very useful have a Phrase Manager, the which need have the lenguaje variables into SQL

I dont know, What you think about of this?
This is already in MyBB 1.2.
Phrase Mananger? Like a manager that allows you to edit language files straight from the acp?

edit: so language files are in the db in 1.2?
Oh pooey it was supposed to be a "surprise" Sad

No the languages are still in files, which means you must CHMOD your language files to 666 or whatever you need in order for the server to be able to edit them. Otherwise, you'll just be able to view them Wink
oooow poooey... I was already working on one of those... (you have to put it in your admin folder Wink )

But I know yours is better than mine, so I don't mind anymore Toungue
I was thinking, and why dont you add a step in the installation asking for your ftp server, login, and pass and then you could use the ftp_connect() functions therefor ridding of the stupid chmod problems
Is important order by groups of phrases as vBulletin do it

Of way than not load all phrases in each page just the need for each page

Then is need have a column in the SQL Table indicating the group of each phrase
In each page only load the phrases need it (best perfomance)(as vBulletin), or load all the phrases in each page (bad performance)?

How phrase manager is will gone?????
Only the necessary phrases are loaded.
Augustino Wrote:How phrase manager is will gone?????
Can you explain what you want to know?
i think , how will it work! already answered (hope i'm not wrong)
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