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Full Version: Siggymon [Adoptable Signature Monsters]
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Site Name: Siggymon
Site URL:
Forum URL:
Description: Siggymon runs on an adoptable pets script. This script allows users to adopt their own pet or ‘signature monster’ and grow it. To grow these pets users must get other people to click on their pet. Each time someone clicks on their pet it grows another level. Some pets even transform or evolve after they reach certain levels.
Your Name on the Board: Civil Engineer

[Image: siggymon-affiliate-link.gif]

[Image: siggymon-home.png]
Would be cool to actually see what some of the monsters look like. The concept sounds fun though.
Very original and well done. Nice looking site.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I only have 1 adoptable set finished so far.. more are def coming though. Once I have a few more set up I'll be displaying an example set on the homepage. Smile

JonathanP I can't reply to your PM b/c I'm not on your buddy list. When you add me let me know. Smile
I think you should complete a few more sets before launching this site.
I have more in the works and will be releasing them soon. Want the first members to get a shot at the first ever set. Wink
What a cool idea, you should make it so they can battle and posting more increases there stats haha.
I think there may be a battle plugin but I'm not positive.. I hope to add breeding and trading options soon after I sort some other stuff out. Smile
I think the idea is cool but it's obvious it's not really "complete" yet. After seeing what feels like an incomplete idea I probably won't check back. My advice would be to not promote this project any more until it's really solid.
The name sounds familiar :p

Good idea, and good luck at getting it off the ground.
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