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Full Version: Catagory Lightbulb
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We have a custom theme on our forums, and after upgrading to mybb 1.6, when clicking on the forum bits (as it's called in the template, Lightbulbs) It doesn't go "dimmed"/"Read", Until i refresh, But then a few hours later, It marks all the forums as unread. I checked the templates from the default and custom, and they are both the same. I think it's something with Javascript, But i have no clue why it's not marking it as read until i refresh (and clicked on it before i refresh)

Can anyone help?
It's being looked into Smile
Ah, i see. I didn't look at the dev site. What about the issue with the Lightbulbs not changing unless you refresh the page, or just clicking on the logo?
That'll probably be your browser, not had anybody else report that, and that works OK here.
I just tried in Opera (10.62) Firefox (Latest and Latest Beta), Chrome, Internet Explorer, And Safari, And they all didn't work, But they do work in the default theme. Could there actually be a problem in my template or something?
Most likely your theme if it's OK on the default theme.
What template/s would the lightbulb be included in?