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Full Version: Dreams and Beyond
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Here is my site: let me know if you like it... thanks! Big Grin
Banner, logo needs some work.
the theme you are using "The Cure" is one of my favorites. Your logo is not good honestly. Get some posts and a domain perhaps.
OK, thanks everyone... I appreciate you helping me out. I'll work on the banner/logo. Is there anything else I can do to make it better? (I don't want to buy a domain until I get more registered users, just don't want to waste my money).
Here you go, I did the Footer logo and Banner for you. I placed the logo/ text center on the banner as it looked better. I saved the Photoshop PSD file so if you need anything edited, be sure to let me know.

[Image: logo-1.jpg]

Footer Logo:
[Image: footer_logo-1.jpg]

@IpHeX: they are so cool!
Oh wow!! thanks so much!! you're the best ever!!
im putting credit that you did that for me on my website and posting a link to your site. You're the best Smile
"Explore the possibilites OF life"...
oh ya... i didnt notice that thanks.
I forget where to place the code... sorry.
(09-28-2010, 08:10 PM)Lithium Wrote: [ -> ]"Explore the possibilites OF life"...

Good spotting Lithium, post updated with 'Of Life'. Wink

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