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Very nice theme, the site looks nice!
Cheers ^^
(2011-01-24, 07:23 PM)euantor Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks a lot Smile Which content do you mean in particular. I try my best to be in-depth, but that's why I'm looking for writers haha

Same here. For example the LA Noire release date, you have like 2 sentences. You could at least give your thoughts and opinions.

For my website my buddy and I are doing we are looking for affiliates, i was wondering if you would be interested. We are doing a Tech Website that covers everything. We could help write articles because we are also gamers at heart.
Yeah, we do affiliates Smile Shoot me a PM - I could possibly write a little content for you guys too (so long as you don't mind writing about linux/android and computers haha),
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