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Hi there.

It's been a tough decision but the best one I could make in my opinion. The truth behind this is that I really am not happy with v3, and I feel that the customers aren't either. So from this day on, I feel obliged to let you all know that Photoshop Bliss v3 will now be made a free product. There will be no cost for downloading this theme.

Why are you doing this?
I figured out pretty early that I shouldn't be trying to make money. It's about my love of designing and getting my name out there. I can't charge everyone for everything. Smile

What about v2?
No, Photoshop Bliss v2 will currently be kept as a premium item. Think of v3 as a "Little taste of awesome".

I've already bought v3, what does that mean for me?
Sadly I can not issue refunds, as doing so causes a lot of confusion and mix up with my already planned out money sheets. What I can do though, is offer you Photoshop Bliss v4 (when it's ready) for absolutely no charge. Think of it as paying in advance. Smile

Live Demo:
You can give this theme a try at the Photoshop Bliss Forums. All support will be given at the live forums, this is only the download host. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to post them up over there.


1) ALL Copyrights are reserved to me, Jordan Lovelle. You may NOT
re-distribute, on-sell, or modify and release this theme. The 
copyright text in the footer MUST be kept on at all times unless
you've paid for copyright removal. ($5)

2) All support will be given at,
although private support will be given via email ([email protected])
for more serious issues.

3) If you're interested in removing the copy right text at the 
bottom of the theme ($5 -- Copyright rules still apply) you can
contact me at [email protected] with the subject message
"Copyright removal".

If you have any other questions, doubts or comments please use
the forum (link provided above). Enjoy the theme!

Download: (You must have 5 posts)

Thanks everyone, and enjoy! Smile
the background image is too big, about 1.8 MB, its slows down the loading speed.
The background image can always be changed, the container is transparent and looks good on most colours / images. It's nothing of concern. A few seconds extra loading speed never hurt anybody.
Nice work, glad you decided to make it a free release. Smile
Thanks. Smile It was a tough choice, but the right one imho. Smile
Can i have PSD button file to translate them in french
(2010-10-24, 01:44 PM)lecteur Wrote: [ -> ]Can i have PSD button file to translate them in french

Nice idea. I have added the download link for the buttons in the original post on MyBB Runway. Thanks for the suggestion Smile
Thak you very much, i will upload them tonight...Good work man
Thank you and no problem. Glad you like it Smile
Did you make that background? Its gorgeous!
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