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Full Version: inline thread moderation
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if u need any help or even admin credentials i would be delighted to assist Smile
Would you be able to PM me FTP login details?? I want to make some more core file edits to try and see where it's failing, will be quicker and easier if I can make them as it will create an error briefly on your forum, so I'd want to make the change and undo it as quickly as possible.
sure! in a second Smile
anything to help you guys Smile

Had a look at this and I just cannot see why this happens. Even when I do this


in a non-MyBB file, it just doesn't include the cookie for the inline moderation. The only difference with this cookie compared to the others is that it's set via javascript, but the javascript can read it fine and it shows fine in my browser settings. Plus whenever this happens to someone it happens for all users in all browsers, which just doesn't make sense. There's nothing specific to your forum that would cause this, to have it not work at all for specific installations is really weird.
i am not really a coder, but it used to be fine with 1.4 Smile

hope that helps Smile
Another person had this on 1.4 and 1.6, then I think they changed hosts and it works. Why the host would have an effect is anybody's guess though.

I'll keep trying to figure this out but I'll have to be honest and say I'm not too sure what else I can check. I'm either missing something blindingly obvious, or it's something really weird and obscure. Either way I want it fixed as much as you.
thanks very much, am just trying to be helpful, if u need something from my webhost like OS or any server details i will try asking them Smile

i will keep ur login details available for a while, if i deleted them and u want them to work again just tell me Smile

good luck with Mybb, u have actually changed some1's life in ways u can never imagine, seriously..
I am having the exact same problem
also using 1.6
Ask your host if they use an application called ModSecurity (not to be confused with Apache's mod_security) on their servers. This application has been known to cause all sorts of issues with javascript created cookies. Such as limiting them to the javascript itself (seems to be happening here), denying the creation of cookies via javascript, and disallowing .cookie in javascript. Only thing I can think of to cause this. Especially if all 3 of you are on the same host.
my server came back with this response:

I don't see your site hitting any kind of security rules
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