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Full Version: inline thread moderation
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Then I have no more ideas about it than Matt. This is such an odd problem that doesn't seem to have any reason for it...
I'd never heard of this application before but it does seem to explain the problem exactly. It's not a javascript problem as when it happens it happens in all browsers, not only some, but it happens on so few forums it's not a bug in the javascript or we'd have loads more people with it, plus the javascript can read the cookies fine, and I can see the cookie in my browser, and it's set correctly with the correct information. It's not to do with how MyBB deals with cookies, because it's not in the standard $_COOKIE array, so PHP itself isn't picking it up, thus it being a server problem. However I didn't know that when a cookie is stored it even records how it was made (via PHP/javascript etc), which it must do, as when people have this, all other cookies work just fine, except for ones made via javascript. It's being set fine, but PHP can't read it.

@andybooth79 Can you make sure that this application is even installed on your server?? Hosts usually say there's nothing in their logs etc etc, but can you double check if it's even there at all??
Its this, an Open Source firewall:

And just because we're at our wits end trying to figure this one out, here is someone else posting about cookie issues while combining PHP and JavaScript:
i am on shared hosting, is there any way i can know if modsecurity is installed? don't know if my host will cooperate or not
Not likely without them telling you.
i guess they won't Sad
Simple solution is to find yourself another host. You can find a whole list of them on my website, or you can choose from these:

Both of which I've had good luck with.
I also recommend, these guys have a great reputation. Smile
yes my server does have it installed
they say they can whitelist certain things for it
is there something i can try?
(12-24-2010, 12:01 AM)andybooth79 Wrote: [ -> ]yes my server does have it installed
they say they can whitelist certain things for it
is there something i can try?

Yeah, ask them to whitelist javascript cookie creation Wink
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