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Full Version: Penpoint- Let's All Talk
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Hey all- you've seen my MyBBNew forums posted in showcase, right? Well here's a real- themed, somewhat, to be a newspaper -forum. It's Penpoint ( I'm proud of it so far. It has Game Section installed, there's an affiliate program coming up, some neat user groups... so yeah, what do you think? And I know, I need to fill the forums.
Yeah, I wouldn't announce the domain you plan on buying, there's domain snipers all over Toungue
Fixed. Thoughts on the site?
I have to say it's pretty uncreative.
It looks & feels like this MyBB community minus the banner.
What is it about? It isn't made clear.
To be creative and talk about anything.
AKA a General Forum.
You really should get a captivating topic/idea to build a forum around.

Every forum out there has a "General" or "Off-Topic" area.

Why join a purely general one when pretty much every forum serves that purpose?
In themed forums, the most posting goes on in the general area. With something like Penpoint, it's spread out, clean, and easy.
You're making the assumption that any "General" chat part of a forum would only be 1 section.
I've seen it as a category with multiple child forums so there would be the "neat" & "spread out" factor.

Still nothing more than almost every other forum community out there already offers.
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